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Cutaneous nerves and relevant nerve entrapment: a scientific paper is recently published !! Great ne

On November 21 2018, an article was published in the "Journal of Clinical Medicine" entitled: "Ultrasound Imaging for the Cutaneous Nerves of the Extremities and Relevant Entrapment Syndromes: From Anatomy to Clinical Implications".

For us, who use DNM, this is very good news.

In the abstract of the article, it states: "Cutaneous nerve entrapment plays an important role in neuropathic pain syndrome. Due to the advancement of ultrasound technology, the cutaneous nerves can be visualized by high-resolution ultrasound. As the cutaneous nerves course superficially in the subcutaneous layer, they are vulnerable to entrapment or collateral damage in traumatic insults".

An example of clinical involvement is as follows: "The posterior cutaneous nerve of the thigh is in proximity to the origin of the hamstring muscle. The most common cause of posterior cutaneous nerve of the thigh neuropathy is due to hamstring injury. The nerve can be injured following an above-knee amputation or a posterior hip replacement. In cases with severe hamstring muscle strain, the posterior cutaneous nerve of the thigh should be scrutinized for possible concomitant entrapment from adjacent hematomas."

Everything in this article will be useful for us, I will take the time to translate day. And, of course, I will add anything that is interesting for us in the classes and annual meetings.

The theory developed by Diane Jacobs is seriously gaining momentum. We must stay very close to these scientific advances that will allow us to validate our techniques.

You can find the article on the Internet by searching in your search engine.

Enjoy the reading!

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